Kim & Khloe Kardashian Have a 'Booty-Off' & the Winner Will Surprise You

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It's a booty off! While Kim Kardashian is essentially thee person responsible for putting shapely butts back on the map, Kim's younger sister Khloe is definitely giving her a run for her money these days. In fact, according to some, Khloe is now the reigning queen of derrieres. Kim and Khloe were recently in a "booty-off," and it seems like Kim should prepare herself to pass the torch. 


After Khloe was seen out and about in Beverly Hills in a pair of insanely tight jeans recently, Hollywood Life conducted a poll to see which butt reigned supreme (because of course they did). From the looks of things right now, Khloe's winning by a landslide. Kim, you had a good run, but(t) it's time to step aside, honey.

Here's the initial pic that got people talking. Pretty easy to see why.

As Khloe would say, Daaaaamn, Gina. That's one impressive backside. Not sure how it's even ... possible. How do you do it, Khloe? How?

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Regardless of whose butt is on top, one thing is for certain: Both Kim and Khloe are smokin' hot women with incredible, science-defying bodies. If Kim has to pass the torch now, no biggie. It definitely doesn't take away from how gorgeous she is.

Looking good, Khloe, but again, not quite sure how you've managed to have a waist so small with a butt like that. Is your personal trainer part-magician? Eh, whatever your secret, keep doing what you're doing. It isn't every day that someone wins a booty-off against Kim Kardashian. 

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Image via XactpiX/Splash News

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