Spencer Family Announces Multimillion-Dollar Renovation to Diana's Grave

It's been almost 20 years since Princess Diana died, and in that time, her family has been called out for disrespecting her memory over and over. On the list of faults is letting her grave site fall into disrepair, and while "disrepair" might be an exaggeration of what it actually looks like, Diana's brother, Earl Charles Spencer, announced that he'll lead the first major renovations to Diana's final resting place.


After her death in 1997, Diana was buried about 70 miles outside of London on a small island in the middle of the Althorp Estate in Northampton, UK. The property has belonged to the Spencer family for more than 500 years, and the changes Spencer is proposing will be the first in more that 350 years.

The revamp will probably also cost many millions of dollars, but no big.

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Though Diana has her own temple, her own island, a towering oak tree for each year of her life, and hundreds of white roses and water lilies, the Spencers have been criticized for letting the pond surrounding her temple fill with algae and for letting the plants become "overgrown."

Here's the photo that left Diana's former chef upset:

It looks okay to us, but for a while after her death, the Spencers charged visitors money to see Diana's old possessions, and that definitely feels skeezy. The exhibit closed in 2013, and though the grounds and the estate are still open to public tours, Diana's temple and island are off limits.

No word yet on whether the reno will open the island to the public, but hopefully, we'll get more detailed plans soon.


Image via NY Post/Splash News

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