Khloe Kardashian Photoshops Her Thighs & Isn't Even Trying to Hide It

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Think you're going to call out Koko? Think again! Khloe Kardashian went off on her haters on Tuesday in a blog post that talked about an Instagram photo Khloe admits to photoshopping last month. Khloe is pissed that people are giving her crap for altering the pic when she has a really good reason for doing so. 


A few weeks ago, Khloe posted this sexy post-gym selfie to her Instagram page:

This is the unretouched photo. Initially, Khloe changed the photo before posting, but people noticed when the door behind her was all distorted and weird-looking. Now she's explaining why she did it -- and it's actually really heartbreaking. 

When Khloe was a teenager, she was in a horrible car accident that left her in crutches for six months. Ever since then, the muscles in her right leg haven't been able to grow like the ones in her left leg, leaving her with disproportionate legs. "Whenever I post a picture of my legs, everyone comments on how fu**ed up my knees look," Khloe wrote. "It’s because I’ve had reconstructive surgery, you a**holes! My right leg is an inch and a half thinner than my left because my muscles deteriorated and never recovered." Ahhh... so that's why she did it. Egg on all the haters' faces!

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Khloe says that everyone was saying she was photoshopping herself to look thinner when, ironically, she wanted her right leg to look bigger. "It’s funny because everyone made a big stink about this Instagram photo because I Photoshopped it. Yes, I did Photoshop it, but I was trying to make my thinner leg look bigger to match my other leg!!! All I want are big, thick thighs and I hate how skinny my legs are."

Khloe has never been one to quietly take criticism from people following her on social media. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star will always read her rude followers the riot act. 

Hopefully, Khloe's explanation for editing her Instagram pics will quiet all the comments constantly coming from social media's peanut gallery. But also, hopefully Khloe will realize that she's gorgeous no matter what size her legs are. 


Image via Bello/Splash News 

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