Kim Kardashian Takes Looking Good to New Extremes With Bizarre Beauty Treatment

kim kardashian

Talk about a red carpet treatment! It's being reported that, before last week's Met gala, Kim Kardashian got an IV beauty treatment in order to get her glow on before the big night. Instead of opting for a facial or one of her beloved laser treatments, Kim forked over an insane amount of money in order to -- literally -- be lit from within. 


A source told Page Six that Kim used the I.V. Doc before the big event. Kim had a nurse come to her home in New York a few hours before the gala to intravenously administer vitamins. Kim reportedly chose the "Beautify" option, which is a potent mix of "B vitamins and anti-inflammatory medication to rejuvenate the hair and skin." The price tag? A cool $399. 

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Sources say that Kim's husband Kanye was nearby during the treatment, but wasn't interested in getting one for himself (or perhaps he was just too busy putting in his blue contacts). But the most interesting piece of info comes from an insider who claims that Kim refused to have any contact with the nurse who was administering the I.V. "Kim wouldn’t even make eye contact with the nurse administering her the IV. Any conversation and instructions were directed through an assistant," the source told Page Six. Classy. 

The company can't confirm if Kim got the treatment or not due to the HIPAA act, but going off of the fact that her dress was literally reflecting off of her face that night -- and the fact that Kim hearts her bizarre beauty treatments -- it's definitely believable. 

She's not one of the most gorgeous women in the world by accident. Kim will try anything in the name of beauty. Here's to hoping we're all so lucky as to mainline a bunch of vitamins one day for the price of an Ikea sofa. #dreambig


Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

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