The Duggars Have So Many Kids They're Having Trouble With Who's Who

For people who claim to be so completely focused on the importance of family, you think they'd be able to keep their kids straight -- even if there are 19 of them. The Duggar family was criticized harshly recently on Facebook when they misidentified one of the younger children as her little sister in a photo.


The family posted a picture of one of the girls with a sewing machine on the floor, and in addition to giving some harsh criticism about the proper way to use a sewing machine, some fans were even more upset about what was written alongside it. Along with the now-deleted photo was the caption, "Looks like Jordyn is getting some good practice."

Only one prob, hardcore Duggar fans ... take a look.

That is Jennifer, not Jordyn.

On the one hand, what parent hasn't called his or her kid by the wrong name? It's easy enough to do when you have just two kids, let alone 19. Michelle probably has to cycle through a few names on a daily basis to get to the right one for the particular child she's trying to address.

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Then again, when your family has been criticized time and time again for having too many kids to give them the individual attention they need ... you'd think they'd triple check the names when posting pictures on their public pages.


Image via duggarfam/Instagram

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