Kate Middleton Takes Over an Important Royal Duty From Queen Elizabeth

She's always been an avid sports fan, and now the Duchess of Cambridge will be adding another royal duty to her resume in the field she loves. Kate Middleton is going to become the official patron of the Wimbledon Tennis Club, taking over from HRH Queen Elizabeth.


Starting in 2017, Prince William's wife will take over the queen's role as Wimbledon Tennis Club's official patron, a position filled by the matriarch for 64 years. The duchess will also become responsible for passing out the awards, which has been done by the queen's cousin, the Duke of Kent, for 40 years.

This move makes perfect sense for Kate, considering what an avid sportswoman she is, and particularly her love of tennis. She was even given honorary membership at the All England Tennis Club in 2013.

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For the time being, the Duke of Kent will continue to pass out the awards to the Wimbledon champs. A spokesperson for the organization told Mail Online, "They will let us know when the change happens. We will just be told. Until we hear otherwise I can only assume the Duke will hand out prizes as usual."

As Kate continues to take on more and more royal duties, we're sure that she's thrilled to get an opportunity to marry her obligations with her passions. Maybe someday she'll even take little George and Charlotte with her and have them help pass out the trophies. They'd probably love it.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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