22 Times Prince Harry Showed Off His Mischievous Side

Meredith Gordon | May 20, 2016 Celebrities
Image: Splash News

Prince harry
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Prince Harry is the most famous British bad boy. It's not that he gets a bad rap, but Harry always has a cheeky grin on his face and a twinkle in his eyes that makes him look like he's up to no good. We hate to admit how much we love bad boys, but when it comes to Harry, what's not to love? We're majorly crushing on Harry! And now that he's a bad boy turned good thanks to his wife Meghan Markle, we can't help but love him even more.

Sure, he has a past, but who doesn't! And no matter what he's done, Prince Harry has always looked adorable doing it and has never been afraid to let his personality shine through. And of course we love his looks, but we also love his heart. The Duke of Sussex does a lot of work for his community and is active with the armed forces. 

Harry showed off his adorable smile before he got married, but now that Meghan is in his life, we get to see more and more of that toothy grin is so willingly gives the crowd. And we aren't complaining. Having the duchess by his side means he has even more royal engagements to attend, which means we get even more wonderful pictures of our favorite prince. 

So, if you just can't get enough of Prince Harry's boyish smile, we got you. Check out all the time the duke let those pearly whites shine -- causing us to swoon.  

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