20 Irresistible Photos of Prince William & Prince Harry as Children

Amy Goldman | Feb 12, 2016 Celebrities
20 Irresistible Photos of Prince William & Prince Harry as Children
Image: James Whatling/Splash News

Prince William Prince Harry
James Whatling/Splash News

As far as babies go, the only thing that could possibly be cuter than a normal baby is a royal baby. Maybe it's their potential to one day ascend the throne that adds a little something extra adorable to a royal baby's presence. For evidence of the royal baby cuteness factor, look no further than these absurdly cute throwback photos of Prince William and Prince Harry as kids. 

Prince William and Prince Harry grew up before our eyes, and while we love to see the amazing men they've become, not much is better than looking back at the little boys we first remember. They brought out the heart in their dad Prince Charles, and they were the apples of Princess Diana's eyes -- how she loved them so! -- and we, too, fell under their boyish charms way back when. 

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Two tiny princes, brought up in palaces, in the spotlight, and under the rule and watch of their Grandmum Queen Elizabeth, it's been quite a life already for them both. From first steps taken in overalls to military-worthy salutes, William and Harry's childhoods were packed with picture-perfect moments. Check out 20 photos of Prince William and Prince Harry as kids!

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  • Chopsticks


    Image via Tim Graham/Getty Images

    Talk about a photogenic family. Diana looked so beautiful and proud of her little future virtuosos as they posed for photo around the piano. 

  • Ready for His Close-Up


    Image via Tim Graham/Getty Images

    Let's zoom in on that cute ginger face, shall we? Baby Harry appears to be surprised by his own musical talent. Or maybe he's just mystified by the camera. To a baby, a camera probably seems more like a magical clicking light box than a commonplace piece of technology.

  • Baby Will Lookin' Chill

    prince william baby
    Tim Graham/Getty Images

    William gives his son a run for his money in the "cutest royal baby boy" department with this ridiculously cute baby photo. We can't even pretend we don't want to pinch those chubby dumpling cheeks.

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  • For Those About to Rock, He Salutes You


    Image via Tim Graham/Getty Images

    Could William look any cuter in his Parachute Regiment uniform? He's got that salute down pat. 

  • Speed 3


    Image via KCS/Splash News

    Who needs Sandra Bullock and that guy who replaced Keanu Reeves in Speed 2 with when you've got one of the most charming mother-son pairings of all time? 

  • Summer Vacation

    prince william princess diana vacation
    KCS/Splash News

    Don't let this photo of William looking uncomfortable in his wet suit fool you. The young prince was living the life when he vacationed with his mom in Saint-Tropez back in '97. 

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  • Baby Steps


    Image via Tim Graham/Getty Images

    Harry looked so excited to be walking unsupported for possibly the first time. It's a shame he doesn't sport overalls more often. They really suit him.

  • My Little Pony


    Image via Tim Graham/Getty Images

    Young Wills clearly took caring for his pony very seriously. His pony's name was Smokey, in case you were wondering if the scenario could be any cuter.

  • What's Up, Doc?

    prince harry prince charles old photo
    Tim Graham/Getty Images

    Here's a picture of Harry with his pet rabbit to fulfill your cute animal and munchkin photo quota for the day. Harry's shiny red Mary Janes are too much. 

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  • Too Cool for School


    Image via Tim Graham/Getty Images

    We love this photo of little William on his first day of school at Wetherby. He looks like he's ready to learn about economics and play some hide and seek.  

  • September 6, 1997


    Image via John Gomez/Shutterstock

    This is one moment in the princes' childhoods that's hard to look back on. They stayed close to their father and their uncle at Diana's funeral. William and Harry lost their mother much too soon. 

  • Breaking Hearts & Taking Names

    young prince harry
    Tim Graham/Getty Images

    Here's Harry looking 10 percent Alfred E. Newman, 90 percent heartbreaker in the making as he smiles at his adoring fans.

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  • William, Prince William


    Image via Tim Graham/Getty Images

    William resembles a miniature James Bond in his stylish blazer and tie. He's probably wondering if there's more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

  • We Are Family

    Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images

    What's a skiing holiday without awkward yet still adorable staged photos with the whole family? William and Harry took a break from scaling the slopes to take a picture with their cousins Beatrice and Eugenie.

  • Mini Cops


    Here's young Prince William and Prince Harry playing police officers. Too cute!

  • Boating Babes


    Look at teeny tiny Prince Harry, here with his mum Princess Diana on the Royal Yacht Britannia. Cutest part about this photo -- big brother William took it!

  • A Boy & His Mum


    This has to be one of our favorites ever. That smile on Harry's face. He loves his mum. 

  • Before Harry


    It's hard to imagine life before Prince Harry, but here's a picture of it. Princess Diana is pregnant here and holding little toddler Prince William. Life is about to change for the both of them.

  • Brotherly Love


    Awww, the young princes -- one in safari wear and one in stripes. 

  • Three Princes


    Look at this handsome trio -- the boys are beyond cute in this vintage shot. 

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