20 Irresistible Photos of Prince William & Prince Harry as Children

Amy Goldman | Feb 12, 2016 Celebrities

Prince William Prince Harry
James Whatling/Splash News

As far as babies go, the only thing that could possibly be cuter than a normal baby is a royal baby. Maybe it's their potential to one day ascend the throne that adds a little something extra adorable to a royal baby's presence. For evidence of the royal baby cuteness factor, look no further than these absurdly cute throwback photos of Prince William and Prince Harry as kids. 

Prince William and Prince Harry grew up before our eyes, and while we love to see the amazing men they've become, not much is better than looking back at the little boys we first remember. They brought out the heart in their dad Prince Charles, and they were the apples of Princess Diana's eyes -- how she loved them so! -- and we, too, fell under their boyish charms way back when. 

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Two tiny princes, brought up in palaces, in the spotlight, and under the rule and watch of their Grandmum Queen Elizabeth, it's been quite a life already for them both. From first steps taken in overalls to military-worthy salutes, William and Harry's childhoods were packed with picture-perfect moments. Check out 20 photos of Prince William and Prince Harry as kids!

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