In Defense of Kate Middleton's Long & Boring Hair

kate middletonKate Middleton's hair has become the subject of some bashing, and it's quite harsh ... more harsh than any chemical that may or may not have been added to her locks to keep the color as lustrous as it is. The princess's locks are under attack in a major way, and I'd like to come to her defense.


Hannah Betts writes in the Telegraph that Kate's hair is too fairy tale, too princess-y, too middle-class, and the brown is boring. Betts then pens this beautiful collection of words that are like flowers with swords attached to them all aimed at the Duchess of Cambridge: "Long hair remains the preserve of little girls, youth, a maidenhood just beginning to spell sex. It is the stuff of fairy tale; the accessory that every heroine must boast. She will unleash it to ensnare her prince a la Rapunzel, or use it to bewitch in the manner of Keats' Belle Dame Sans Merci."

Well then. It's clear Betts isn't into the long hair. But, the rumors are that stylists hate it, too; Vogue covered it with a hat on purpose, and the queen isn't pleased with Kate's locks either.

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Anyone who follows any young and hyper-stylish mom on Instagram knows that the hat is the staple in the cool mom's wardrobe. Kate, being a cool mom of two, rocks that hat look as well as the best of them, those brown locks perfectly flowing out of it. Vogue added the hat because ... well ... fashion.

If the queen hates it, well, I'm not surprised. She's 90. And while the queen is incredibly stylish in her own right, there is just something about your grandson's wife that you probably won't fancy so much. Maybe for Queen Elizabeth, it's Kate's hair. As a woman with two kids and long hair, I can also attest to the pressures to cut it from members of my family. Namely, my own mother, who prefers a super short 'do for herself and loves to show me pictures of Charlize Theron and says, "Here! You should get your hair cut like this!" I look nothing like Charlize Theron -- my skin is more olive, my hair is dark brown.

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And so, ladies with long hair over a certain age or with a certain amount of kids always seem to face this outside pressure or snickering from others regarding the length of their locks. For me, there is no "better" hairstyle than the one you love for yourself. Short, long, shaved, colorful, whatever you want. It's not about what someone else thinks would look good on you or what another person thinks you should have as your style. It's about what makes YOU feel good. Maybe Kate cut her hair really short once and absolutely hated it. Maybe she tried out one of those apps that allows you to see yourself with different styles and she concluded that she is most confident and feels most herself with the hair she has now -- below the shoulders.

Long hair, don't care.


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