Parents Were Understandably Outraged to See Josh Duggar at Family-Friendly Mini-Golf

Josh Duggar

What would you do if you ran into someone you loathed? Would you turn the other way, give said person a piece of your mind, or try to keep your cool? Welp, quite a few parents were outraged at Josh Duggar's appearance at a mini-golf spot in Tennessee. In fact, some grabbed their kids and high-tailed it out of the facility, which makes you wonder if those parents were overreacting -- or were justified in their response?


Josh Duggar is now two months out of rehab, so it was only a matter of time before someone ran into him. (He's not exactly going to stay inside the house all the time.)

Out with his father Jim Bob, the Duggar men were spotted at a family-friendly mini-golf course with two young boys. And while some folks likely didn't recognize Josh or his dad, three families did, and made their frustrations known to the business.

Per In Touch, one eyewitness states:

Three families with young girls were unhappy Josh was so close to them and left the golf course when they saw him and Jim Bob. The parents were not comfortable. The staff tried to be as polite as possible to the angry parents, but it seemed there was little they could do to stop Josh from being a customer.

As a mother, I get it. I have two little boys, watch endless marathons of Law & Order: SVU, and wouldn't exactly be comfy with the idea of someone -- who reportedly molested little girls, including his own sisters -- teeing off next to me and my family. It's natural to have a "fight or flight" reaction, and in this case, I'm happy no one tried to do anything that would land them in jail.

(Plus, I don't think Josh would do anything crazy in public that would draw even more attention to himself.)

Truth be told, I likely would not recognize Josh Duggar in public -- and if I did, I certainly would not go out of my way to make him feel horrible. Like the Duggars, I believe we have to give an account of our lives (and actions) to the man upstairs. (And I'm not trying to add any more bad pages to my book.) This, however, doesn't mean I'm cool with what he did, or am giving the thumbs-up to hanging out.

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Some might think these parents' reactions were overboard, and others might agree with what they did. (I'm on the fence about whether or not I would've left.) At the end of the day, as a parent, you have to trust your instincts, and I certainly won't take that away from any mom or dad.

I do hope, however, that parents disgusted by Josh's presence are just as vigilant concerning predators who are hiding in plain view -- sometimes within their own inner circle. It's easy to point the finger and look at Josh Duggar, but let's also keep watch for those who often fly under the radar ... and actually have the opportunity to do harm to your children.





Image via annaduggar/Instagram

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