Kylie Jenner's R-Rated Music Debut Is a NSFW Hot Mess

kylie jenner

File this one under: Is this really necessary? In addition to having a makeup line, a clothing line, and being on a reality show, Kylie Jenner can now add singer to her resume. Well, sort of. Kylie made her music debut recently on they very-NSFW song "Beautiful Day," which is an R-rated version of the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood theme song. Hashtag: No


Music producer Burberry Perry uploaded a track to SoundCloud on Wednesday called "Beautiful Day" from his six-track EP that features Jenner -- along with rapper Lil Yachty and Kylie's BFFs Jordyn Woods and Justine Skye -- talk-rapping. If you're hoping to be delighted with Kylie's vocal stylings, you, unfortunately, will probably be disappointed. 

If you're looking to hear Kylie, go to the 2:30 mark and wait a few secs:

Aye aye aye. Being that Kylie is always singing along to songs on her Snapchat videos, it isn't the biggest surprise that she might be making a foray into music. But, let's all hope that she doesn't go as far as to try to put out her own album. If she wants to have a little fun on her friends' songs, why not. But, from the sound of things, the world really doesn't need Kylie Jenner to get a record deal. 

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The Kardashian-Jenner girls -- perhaps Kylie most of all -- seem to have their hands in a little bit of everything these days. And that's great! No sense in putting all of their eggs in one basket. But it's also important to know when to stop. Anyone remember Kim Kardashian's music career?

Kylie's a beautiful girl who's killing it lately with her expanding makeup and fashion lines. Why not just leave it that, though? Sometimes enough really is enough. 

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