Amber Rose Has Some Surprising Things to Say About Kim Kardashian

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She speaks! A few months ago, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose took a selfie together, and the Internet spontaneously combusted. However, despite the intriguing photo, neither woman ever spoke about their meeting. Until now. In a recent interview, Amber Rose finally spills the details about her meeting with Kim.  


Amber spoke to People about the tête-à-tête the women had, and the girls' relationship is much different than most probably think. Amber said that despite the selfie they both posted, that was "the one and only time [she's] ever spoken to Kim." Amber also said that Kim is "really nice" and "cool." It also sounds like the women squashed their beef for good, despite their rocky start. "I just think as women it's good for us to just let things go and I feel like we did," Amber said.  

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Kanye's former flame didn't elaborate on Kim much more, but she did say that she's a "fan of Khloe's," and mentioned that she "doesn't necessarily like [Kim]'s husband," which we, of course, all know. Will that ever change? 

From the sound of things, the women simply had a quick meeting to clear all the BS and that's that. Doesn't seem like we'll see them frolicking around town together or posting any more selfies. They're cordial and that's where it ends.

The fact that Amber and Kim are able to have such a relationship is pretty admirable considering Amber's contentious relationship with Kanye. Hopefully, the girls' mature way of handling things will have an effect on Amber and Kanye's relationship and they too will be able to leave the past in the past and simply be polite to one another. 

Or, at the very least, just completely ignore each other and leave it at that. 


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