Kim Kardashian Doesn't Agree With How Kourtney Parents Her Kids

Sisterly bickering? In a new interview, Kourtney Kardashian revealed that Kim sometimes judges her on her parenting. Thankfully, the 37-year-old mom of three brushes it off, but seriously, Kim? Why even go there?


In an interview for The New Potato, the eldest of the Kardashian-Jenner kids said that while she and little sister Khloe usually get along famously, Kim is more likely to give her the side-eye for any number of reasons, including her parenting style.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star confessed about her relationship with Kim, "It's not even bickering; we just have different ways of doing things."

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She continued, "So even if it’s things with our kids, we'll talk to each other about it. I'll say, 'I think I want to do this, this way,' and then she wants to do something that way."

Okay, that doesn't sound too bad. People sometimes disagree -- even sisters. Maybe even especially sisters! No need to be rude about it. But Kourt went on to add, "[Kim] will give little digs as if my way is wrong or something. I used to love confrontation -- and I don't love confrontation anymore -- but sometimes it will really get to me and I'll just go off. And it feels so good. It's more just a yelling, quick thing to let it be known that I'm always right."

She did say that last bit with a laugh, but what the heck else are you supposed to do when someone judges your parenting?

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Despite their disagreements over parenting Koutney's kiddos Mason, 6, Penelope, 3, and Reign, 1, and Kim's kids North, 2, and Saint, 5 months, the two sisters seem to enjoy spending time together and letting the cousins play.

Given the number of Instagram snaps of North and Penelope together posted by both moms, the two are BFFs already.


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