Kate Middleton & the Royal Family Just Got a New Pet

So cute! During an outing on Wednesday, Kate Middleton revealed to a group of school children that the royal family has pet hamster. Even better than that fact alone is the furry little guy's name -- Marvin.


The Duchess of Cambridge made an appearance at the new Magic Garden playground at Hampton Court Palace, where she chatted with a group of kiddos. One 9-year-old, Darcey, reported that Prince William's wife shared that the family has a pet hamster named Marvin, and her daughter is particularly a fan of the pet.

Darcey said that Kate told them that "Charlotte really likes it because the whiskers always tickle her face."

Kate was apparently incredibly down-to-earth with the children, which is course one of the many reasons we adore her. When one of the children exclaimed, "Ooh, are you the princess?" she reportedly said, "Just call me Kate."

Even so, a number of the tykes preferred to call her Princess Kate.

The mum of two also confessed that 2-year-old Prince George would likely have been "a bit scared" of the 25-foot dragon on the playground. Perhaps he'll be a fan of it when he's older, and maybe Kate will even take him with her sometime.

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When she was asked if she would like to take a ride down the slide on the playground, the duchess responded that she would "bring her jeans and trainers next time so she can go down," according to 7-year-old Aqeelah Raamah.

We have a feeling that Marvin will probably stay home though.


Image via  James Whatling/Splash News

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