Details of Kate Middleton's 'Vogue' Shoot Show How Down-to-Earth She Really Is

Kate Middleton drove herself to vogue shootEven though she's gracing the cover of this fashion magazine, and, oh yeah, she's also a princess, this mom keeps proving she's basically your down-to-earth girl next door. Kate Middleton, who stuns on the cover of British Vogue, drove herself to the photo shoot -- with rollers in her hair no less! 


It shouldn't surprise us. Whether she's trying her hand at cricket or rolling her eyes as a New Yorker tells her to gift wrap faster, Kate always seems so cool and real.

The natural beauty also opted to be photographed in a suede jacket purchased at a London vintage shop for the cover, and wore jeans and T-shirts at other points in the spread. Obviously, these looks work for her. Check out this gorgeous photo!

Kate Middleton drove herself to vogue shoot

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From choosing the country over Buckingham Palace to photographing Prince George and Princess Charlotte herself and sharing the pics, Kate seems like the laid-back mom friend we'd all love to have -- especially if she'd be willing to share some of her amazing ensembles!

Still, wouldn't you love to know if any passersby happened to catch a glimpse of Kate en route to the shoot and thought to themselves, "Hmm, could it be the Duchess of Cambridge with rollers in her hair? Nah. That's crazy!"

Seriously, even if your average gal was appearing on the cover of Vogue, she'd probably have hair and makeup done and maybe hire a driver, or at least get a ride!

It's so nice and refreshing to see that Kate, who could totally take advantage of her royal status, is keeping it real. What a great example to set for her little ones. With her simple elegance and authenticity, it's no wonder the world is so devoted to the duchess.


Images via WeirPhotos / Splash News; Josh Olins / Vogue

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