Princess Charlotte Got a $44,000 Birthday Gift -- Whoa Baby

Even Princess Charlotte can't help bragging about her birthday haul -- she is just human, after all. Except, of course, she's only 1, so she can't really talk or do the bragging herself. Also, her haul list includes things like silver baby rattles from the president of Mexico, while our list generally just has, like, cool new tofu presses from our great aunts. Whatever, Charlotte.


Kensington Palace released the complete list of gifts Charlotte has received in the past year, and we're thinking that Kate and Will should count themselves lucky that they have several castles to store all this stuff in. 

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Here are some of the highlights:

  • An $44,000, 18-carat white gold rattle with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires from the Natural Sapphire Company.
  • A silver baby rattle from the president of Mexico and his wife.
  • Silk figurines depicting the "Dream of the Red Chamber" from the president of China.
  • A silk frock from the president of Israel that reads "From Israel With Love."
  • A jigsaw puzzle with and a toy of the Obama's dog, Bo, from Barack and Michelle.
  • A copy of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales from British prime minister David Cameron.
  • A snowsuit, a book, and a $79,123 donation to Immunize Canada in her name from the former prime minister of Canada.
  • A merino wool blanket embroidered with the Australian floral emblem and a $7,625 donation to the Healesville Sanctuary from the Australian government.
  • Biodegradable diapers from her aunt Pippa.

In total, the gifts came from 64 different countries. Kate's said before that many of Charlotte's gifts are donated to people who need them more. We're not sure who gets the $44,000 baby rattle (or if Charlotte keeps that one), but whoever ends up with it is one lucky baby.


Image via kensingtonroyal/Instagram

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