Michelle Duggar Gets Real About One of the Lowest Points of Her Life

The Duggars have had some pretty dark days in the past year, so it seems a little weird that Michelle Duggar recently shared that one of the lowest points in her life had to do not with her son's multiple sex scandals and the cancellation of her reality show, but with laundry.


The mom of 19 recycled an old post on her blog this week, in which she recounted a breakdown she had over a decade ago about the overwhelming tasks of motherhood. She wrote that it was 1 a.m., and she was still up folding laundry when she was "flooded" with feelings of inadequacy.

She shared, "I cried aloud, 'LORD I NEED YOUR HELP, I can't do it all! I feel so inadequate! Diapers, dishes, laundry, meals, cleanup, school lessons, baths, hugs, kisses, correction...' My list seemed to go on and on."

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Michelle revealed that it was then that God spoke to her, and reminded her to praise him even during the difficult times, because it's easy to love on God when things are going well. She sang a song of praise to him, finished the laundry, and went to bed at 2.

Days later, she was at the piano teacher's house at 7 a.m., and kept nodding off to sleep. After being asked by the teacher if she was okay, Michelle confessed that her husband didn't help her she was tired from doing laundry for more than a dozen people, and was frequently up until the wee hours finishing the chore.

That's when this angel said she actually enjoyed doing laundry, and would happily come help Michelle fluff and fold. The teacher has since become a close family friend, and has continued to come over twice a week and do laundry for the last 12-plus years.

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That's great for Michelle and all, but does anyone else think it's strange that she didn't mention anything at all about the past year in a post about getting through rough times? Compared with having your firstborn child enter rehab for sex addiction, you'd think frustration over folding laundry would seem like a cakewalk.

But more of us can probably relate to the laundry thing.


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