Kylie Jenner's New Ink Is Just As Mysterious As Her Other Tattoos

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Another day, another tattoo for Kylie Jenner. Over the weekend, Kylie added another piece of body art to her rapidly growing collection. Kylie's newest tattoo, like her others, is a bit of a mystery, but the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star revealed to fans on Instagram that her latest ink is the letter "M." (Even though it doesn't really look like an M. Classic Kylie!)


Kylie and a friend got matching tattoos in red. It's an itty-bitty, scribbly "M" on the inside of their pinky fingers. It's cute! Kylie really loves her super inconspicuous tattoos. 


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Kylie also apparently took the needle into her own hands and inked JonBoy, the tattoo artist who did the girls' "M" tats. Pretty bold of JonBoy to allow that. Check it out:

My New Ink! Thanks girls @kyliejenner @justineskye @jordynwoods â�¤ï¸ï¿½JB

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Not bad. Thankfully, JonBoy only let Kylie do an equally small tattoo on his arm. She may be artsy and edgy, but not sure how many people want Kylie Jenner doing a back piece for them. 

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Kylie really is making an effort to break away from the typical Kardashian style and overall vibe. In addition to all of her crazy hair colors, since she's turned 18, Kylie's gotten numerous tattoos -- two things that could be considered very anti-Kardashian. 

Good for Kylie for breaking out of the mold and doing her own thing. And it's kind of cute how, even though she's moving in the opposite direction of her famous family, she's doing it via super baby steps ... and super teeny tattoos. 


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