Kim Kardashian Turns Up Wearing Jewelry That Was a Gift From Nicole Brown Simpson

Kim kardashian wears Nicole Brown Simpson's necklaceShe's been known to wear some unusual fashions, but this latest one is definitely intriguing. Kim Kardashian stepped out wearing a black lace choker with a cross that was given to her mom by Nicole Brown Simpson.


The stunning accessory was given to Kris Jenner by her close friend Simpson in 1988, six years before she was murdered outside her Los Angeles home.

Kim shared photos of the choker on Snapchat before heading out in Manhattan with husband Kanye West.

Kim kardashian wears Nicole Brown Simpson's necklace

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Kimye is in the Big Apple for the Met Gala and, of course, all eyes will be on the duo to see what they'll be wearing. 

While this necklace is eye-catching and certainly on trend, it has to carry with it plenty of emotional baggage. Kim's late father, Robert Kardashian, famously defended accused killer O.J. Simpson, Nicole's ex-husband, in what many referred to as the trial of the century. As we all know, the former football star was acquitted, thanks, in part, to Kardashian.

It also seems like funny timing given the fact that the FX series American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson recently aired with David Schwimmer portraying Robert Kardashian and Selma Blair starring as Kris.

It also feels a little distasteful that Kim snaps herself dancing around her makeup room wearing the choker.

Kim kardashian wears Nicole Brown Simpson's necklace

It's a stunning piece of jewelry, don't get us wrong, but something about flaunting its origin just feels a bit off to us.


Images via Clint Brewer/Splash News; Kim Kardashian/Snapchat

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