Usher Posts a Nude Selfie to Snapchat & We Hope It Starts a Nudie Revolution

It's been approximately three years since we last thought about Usher, but in that time he's apparently learned that the only way to get anywhere on the Internet is by posting nude photos. Bless his heart. So while we've been busy thinking about things that are not Usher, Usher's been perfecting his puppy dog face for his marvelous return to our brains via a nude selfie on Snapchat.


Honestly, up until this point, we believed Usher's social media only existed to further his romance with Justin Bieber. That was just fine with us, but we're not THAT bummed that he figured out the power of a nudie. 

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Here's what he's got:

First thing: Usher looks young as a spring chicken. (He's 37 IRL, if you were about to google it.) Second thing: Usher's emoji isn't quiiiiite big enough. It's fine, though. Totally, definitely fine. Is it hot in here?

ANYWAY, aside from talking about Usher's penis, people are also talking about Usher's naked body in comparison to Kim Kardashian's. Not in a "who's hotter" kind of way, but in a "who's dealing with more sexist bullsh-t" kind of way. 

It's Kim, by the way. To no one's surprise. While everyone seems to be mostly pro–naked Usher, people freaked the hell out about Kim's selfie and the "goals" she's "setting" for "young women."

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Since we can't have men being praised and women being shamed for essentially the same act, we either have to have everyone shamed or everyone praised. That just makes sense. And since this is a question about how many nude selfies should exist on the Internet, it's our obligation as humankind to choose the option that maximizes the number of naked people available for our perusal. 

So, Usher: You're still hot. Good for you. You did this only to get more followers on Snapchat, but that was a very reasonable and very much appreciated move. It also worked. Please do not let me down.

Kim: You're also hot. We also support your nude selfies. Sorry that some people don't understand your value and sorry that people think your body should be treated differently because you're a woman.

Everyone else: You're hot, too. Take more nude selfies. Start a revolution. We support you.


Image via Usher/Snapchat

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