Kendall Jenner Shamelessly Makes Fun of Kylie Jenner on Instagram

kylie jenner

Just a little sister ribbing? On Thursday, Kendall Jenner dissed Kylie on Instagram by posting a hilarious meme that featured the makeup maven. In the pic, Kylie is wearing a backwards baseball cap while squinting and trying to shield her eyes from the sun -- kind of ridiculous. But the kicker is the caption accompanying the pic. Clearly, Kendall got a good laugh out of the things her younger sis will do for fashion. 


"If only there was something you could wear on your head to shield your eyes from the sun," the post reads, poking fun at how silly it is that Kylie doesn't just turn her hat forward. 

if only

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Some are saying that this is a true "diss" from Kendall to Kylie, but odds are, the model is just having fun with her younger sis. What kind of relationship would they have if they couldn't playfully poke fun at one another from time to time?

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Kendall and Kylie seem to be in a good place these days. Their relationship seemed extremely contentious a few months ago when the girls were never spotted together and seemed to constantly be throwing subtle digs at one another. Recently they had fun at Coachella together and often post photos of one another. It's doubtful Kendall would throw shade at her sis at a time like this. 

And seriously, how could someone not make fun of Kylie in a situation like this? Absolutely hilarious and ridiculous. Turn your hat around, girl. 


Image via London Ent/Splash News 

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