Mason Disick's New Hair Color Has People Freaking Out

mason disick

A little dude's gotta look good. In a new Instagram post of Kris Jenner's, it appears that Mason Disick dyed his hair. Or, more appropriately, Mason Disick had his hair dyed. The eldest Disick child, who normally has sandy blonde locks, is now sporting a jet black 'do -- and of course, fans are freaking out. 



In the pic, we can only see the top of Mason's head, but it's definitely him, as Kris used the hashtag #Mason. There's no way it's the lighting, as the hair in this photo is super, unarguably black. Kids' hair colors have a tendency to change as they age, but this would be a pretty drastic change for little Mason. Check it out:

Kinda crazy, right? That's Kardashian dark hair, definitely not the lighter locks we're used to seeing Mason rock. 

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As soon as Kris posted the photo, the comments started rolling in -- and given the general demeanor of the typical Kardashian Instagram commenter, it's safe to assume that most people aren't happy about this. "Why would Kourtney dye a 6-year-old kid's hair?? Wow!! Crazy. It doesn't even look like him!" one commenter wrote, while another said, "haha I thought it was a pic of an Asian kid's head! Black, black... Got any blacker." Lovely. Way to keep it classy, guys. 

While it would be a little strange for someone to dye his or her 6-year-old's hair, it isn't the end of the world. Gwen Stefani put blond streaks in son Kingston's hair years ago and he seems to be okay; so, Mason's probably going to make it, guys. Everyone can relax.

Regardless of what the Kardashians do, they're going to get crap, so this certainly isn't a surprise. That said, Kourtney seems to be an incredibly loving mom who always has her kids' best interests in mind. If she dyed her child's hair, she probably made an informed decision. And if she didn't and this is just some weird new Instagram filter, well, egg on all the commenters' faces, right?


Image via Splash News

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