Beyonce's 'Formation' Tour Wardrobe Is Everyday #FashionInspo

Beyonce, formation tour 2016

At this point, my only question is why this week hasn't already been declared National Beyonce week. I mean, the queen has dished out so much life in just less than a week ... it's ridiculous. And to have several days in her honor may just be necessary, as she has no intentions on slowing down. After releasing Lemonade only four days ago, the superstar launched her Formation tour in Miami, and while we're sure the music was everything -- so was her fashion. 


Call me dramatic or whatever, but she should've provided complimentary oxygen masks because her outfits alone nearly killed the game.

(Yes, Bey, there's a fine line between giving life and taking it -- don't hurt us, now.)

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We all know she loves her bodysuits and so do we, but most of us are well aware that we couldn't be caught dead walking the streets in most of her outfits (as some are a little too naked or high fashion).

But, in observing last night's wardrobe, I'm seeing the potential for some everyday fashion inspo. Whether you desire the tribal look or a more Zorro-esque feel, Bey's your style guide with this Formation wardrobe.

Just have a look!

The inner sword fighter in us recognizes the sword fighter in Bey.

Beyonce, formation tour 2016

Even Bey believes in the power of a proper belt.

Beyonce, formation tour 2016

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But, nothing says "power" quite like a little leather.

Beyonce, formation tour 2016

As hot as it looks, this may be quite fitting for the sunshine. 

Beyonce, formation tour 2016

This outfit is perfectly fitting of a queen with the high neckline and gold embroidery. #BowDown

Beyonce, formation tour 2016

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See, you too can get the Bey look (with a willingness to pair it with pants). And honestly, this is a blessing, as the last time we were able to wear some of Bey's stage wardrobe was probably circa 2000 -- when she was still with Destiny's Child. And while we're probably wishing on a star about her show costumes ever being for purchase, you can still take these super chic costumes and make them everyday. 


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