Prince Harry Lets Loose & Shows Off His Dance Moves -- Swoon

prince harry

File this one under Reason #4,765 Prince Harry is awesome. Recently, while on the children's show Sky Sports's Game Changers, Prince Harry showed off his dance moves. And let's all be honest here for a sec: Is anyone surprised that the spare to the heir can get down? Ladies, you might want to have a seat for this one. 


Here's a little highlights reel of the day. If you want to see Harry bust a quick move, fast-forward to around 30 seconds. Truth be told, though, you probably want to see the whole thing. 

Not sure what's more adorable here: the quick dance the prince reflexively broke out into, or the fact that he told a little boy, "You'll be glad to know, probably not!" when asked if he's ever going to be king. Could this guy be any more down to earth?

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Here's a photo of an enthusiastic Harry at the event:

Too cute. 

Everyone loves the younger members of the royal family -- Kate, William, and Harry -- but there's just something about Prince Harry that makes him seem like a little (okay, a lot) more fun. You know you'd be in for a good time if you ever went out for drinks with Harry. As well as some incriminating photos. 

Women everywhere are constantly swooning over Prince Harry, so no doubt, the prince could have his pick of any woman, anywhere. Guess he's just not ready to settle down? To each their own. But, of course, when that day does come, a collective sob will be heard from ladies across the world. He's cute; he loves kids; he likes to dance; and, oh yeah, he's a prince. Dude's a serious catch with some serious moves. 


Image via Splash News

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