Jessa Duggar Opens Up About How Josh's Scandal Really Hurt Her

On Tuesday's episode of Jill and Jessa: Counting On, Jessa (Duggar) Seewald got candid about Josh's multiple sex scandals, and why it was particularly painful for her.


Months before Josh got caught cheating on his wife Anna, a police report from 2006 emerged, which revealed that Josh Duggar had molested five underage girls as a young teen, including four of his own sisters. At the time, Jessa and her sister Jill did an interview with Megyn Kelly, and defended josh while outing themselves as victims.

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They claimed that the media circus surrounding the scandal made them feel a thousand times more victimized than Josh ever had, and they claimed that they had all moved past the situation, and that Josh had been transformed into a different person.

Unfortunately, it wasn't long before the eldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 19 children was exposed as a cheater. He confessed to being the "biggest hypocrite ever," and shipped himself off to rehab for the next six months.

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During this week's episode of Counting On, Jessa spoke up about how hard it was to wade through her emotions about her brother's betrayal.

It was very difficult, and we cried a lot of tears, and I feel like it was especially difficult for me just because I had spoken out for Josh and stood up for him, and then there was another whole wave of things that came through, and some things were exposed about his personal life now, what he was currently involved in ... There were some things that he was hiding and that he wasn't being honest about.

She said that being pregnant with Spurgeon at the time actually helped her get through it. She said it was a "breath of fresh air" to be pregnant, "because we had the birth of this child to look forward to." Her sister Jana added, "Even in some of the hardest times in your life, there can still be joy."

That may be true, but we wouldn't wish what Josh did on anyone. 


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