16 Moments Between William & Kate That Show How Fun Their Marriage Is

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Happy anniversary, Will and Kate! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are celebrating five years of marriage on April 29, and they certainly have kept themselves busy (two kids!) and happy. These sweet moments between them show how much fun they have together and it has been a pleasure to watch the two of them find each other and blossom into a beautiful couple. The key to a happy marriage? Fun, of course! 


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Though the two have been dating since college, it never seems like they've been in a relationship for over 16 years! (They started dating in 2001!) They have been all around the world, and no matter where they are, they are always connected and in tune with each other -- from the way they communicate non-verbally, to how they make each other laugh. We hate to say it, but their love makes us feel like it was all meant to be! Their marriage appears so strong and healthy and full of laughter and adoration -- we are almost envious. Take a look at some of their exciting adventures in life and love together and it'll become easy to see how these two stay in love.

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Yup, it's true -- Kate and Will are total #couplegoals.

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