16 Moments Between William & Kate That Show How Fun Their Marriage Is

Michele Zipp | Apr 28, 2016 Celebrities

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Happy anniversary, Will and Kate! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are celebrating five years of marriage on April 29, and they certainly have kept themselves busy (two kids!) and happy. These sweet moments between them show how much fun they have together and it has been a pleasure to watch the two of them find each other and blossom into a beautiful couple. The key to a happy marriage? Fun, of course! 

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Though the two have been dating since college, it never seems like they've been in a relationship for over 16 years! (They started dating in 2001!) They have been all around the world, and no matter where they are, they are always connected and in tune with each other -- from the way they communicate non-verbally, to how they make each other laugh. We hate to say it, but their love makes us feel like it was all meant to be! Their marriage appears so strong and healthy and full of laughter and adoration -- we are almost envious. Take a look at some of their exciting adventures in life and love together and it'll become easy to see how these two stay in love.

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Yup, it's true -- Kate and Will are total #couplegoals.
  • They love to laugh.

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    Here they are the Commonweath Games in 2014 speaking with athlete Usain Bolt and the trio look like old friends having a good ole time together. This seems to be the case wherever Will and Kate go. They bring a joy and happiness.

  • Always mindful of each other.

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    Just look at these two. After five years of marriage and two kids, they are still acting like newlyweds, always mindful of each other and making sure they stay connected even if it's a simple touch on the back.

  • The couple who wears shades together ...

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    We can make the future's-so-bright-they-gotta-wear-shades quip here (and we did) but it's so true. Brighter than diamonds on Kate's tiara. Body language experts would note how they lean into each other as they stand and walk. Sure sign of true love always.

  • Fooling around.

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    Moments after, these two got into a bit of a snowball fight and it was in this very moment that you can see their playfulness with each other.

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  • Good times.

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    They are so connected. Look at that big smile -- we can hear the laughter just looking at the photo. And the way Kate is touching Will's shoulder ... LOVE.

  • Red carpet.

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    It's not just royal work and taking care of babies for these two ... they find time for red carpet events. Sure, the rest of us do the "get a sitter and go to dinner" thing, and they do that, too, but this ... this is "put on your best dress, baby, we're going out."

  • At sporting events.

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    Even while at Wimbledon, Kate and Will have a hard time keeping their eyes off each other.

  • On the wild waters.

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    Check out second row on this Shotover Jet. It's Will and Kate and a bunch of lucky someones who went on this ride with them. Jolly good fun!

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  • With flowers.


    They are like two teenagers in love. Just look at the way Will looks at her!

  • With even more flowers.

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    We can't help but wonder what Will is saying. Perhaps it's "Do I look ridiculous?" And Kate responds, "Ridiculously adorable."

  • Moments in the sun.

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    Tennis and sailing are two of Kate's favorite things to do (and watch) and Will makes sure these two get their bonding moments on the water.

  • Helping hands.

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    Ever the gentleman, Will helps Kate with her ranger sweatshirt as they tour the rugged wilderness.

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  • They hang out with American royalty.


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    It's not just tennis events that the royals enjoy, but basketball, too. And at this particular game, they hung out with Beyonce and Jay Z. Majorly cool.

  • Hugs are always welcome.


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    There isn't too much affection shown because they are royal, but here is a sweet embrace after some friendly competition. Will and Kate were on opposing dragon boats for a race. Guess who won? Kate!

  • Life is one big rodeo.


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    When you go to a rodeo in Canada, the thing to do is wear these hats. Will and Kate oblige and also don some cowboy boots and dungarees! Yee haw!

  • Such great heights.

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    The couple who daringly scales down massive trees together in South East Asia are said to have the most fun together. Proof.

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