Kim Kardashian Tells Fans How Big Her Butt Really Is -- in Inches

kim kardashianHer body is definitely bootylicious! In a recent video on her website, Kim Kardashian addressed rumors that her butt is 55 inches big. Apparently when Kim googled herself recently, she found a headline that read, Kim Kardashian Stuffs Her New 55-inch Cakes into a Pair of Jeans…and We Like the Way That Thang Looks (yes, really), so she felt the need to set the record straight on the real size of her world-famous derriere. Spoiler alert: It's not that big. 


Kim laughed the claim off, saying that there's no way her butt is 55 inches. She didn't give an actual measurement, but she did say that that estimate is about 12 inches off -- which would mean her real butt size is about 43 inches. Still pretty impressive. That's almost a 4-foot booty!

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Regardless of the size of her bum, one thing is for certain: Kim loves showing her gorgeous curves off no matter what size she is. Case in point:


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Daaamn. Kanye's a lucky man. 

It's pretty hilarious that A) there was an article claiming to know the actual size of Kim's butt in the first place, and B) that Kim knows that said number is about a foot off. How does one even measure the size of one's butt? If there's anyone who'd know how to do it, it's definitely Kim. 

Whether her booty is 55 inches, 43, or even 100, Kim's body will forever be one of the hottest around. Her proportions are mind-boggling and whatever she's doing, she should definitely keep it up. And of course share her secrets with the rest of us who are posterior-challenged. 

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Image via LA Photo Lab/Splash News

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