Why the Beyhive Should Be Going After Jay Z & Not His Alleged 'Side Chick'

beyonce jay zThe Beyhive has been in full attack mode since the release of Lemonade, with their collective sting directed at Jay Z's alleged "side chick," fashion designer Rachel Roy -- as well as occasionally (erroneously) celeb cook Rachael Ray. Does it seem as if Jay did indeed step out on Beyonce? Well, if any of the lyrics on Lemonade are even slightly autobiographical, then probably. But that's not really the question. The question is, if Jay Z is guilty, then why is Roy the one who seems to be on trial?


Now, that's not to say Roy didn't do anything wrong (you know, if she did actually do anything wrong, which she denies). The same goes for Rita Ora, another rumored Jay Z mistress. (Ora says she's not "Becky" either.) But shouldn't Beyonce fans be going after her supposedly philandering husband with the same venom and vitriol they have for Roy and Ora? After all, Jay Z is the one who (allegedly!) broke his vows. Jay Z is the one who (allegedly!) betrayed the person closest to him. But aside from a bunch of admittedly hilarious memes "congratulating" the rapper on his "100th problem," Jay is pretty much getting off with a virtual slap on the wrist. Why? The answer is obvious: because he's a man.

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When "Nannygate" (allegedly!) broke up Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's marriage, who got raked over the coals in the press? The nanny. When Brad Pitt divorced Jennifer Aniston to marry Angelina Jolie, who got branded as a homewrecker? Not Brad! When Bill Clinton hooked up with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, it wasn't the former president's career that was subsequently destroyed -- it was Lewinsky's. (Lewinsky, by the way, addressed her own notoriety and past Beyonce-lyric-inclusion in a hilarious tweet asking if it was safe for her to listen to Lemonade.) Why are we so willing to accept and excuse infidelity in men -- and why are we equally willing (and eager) to burn potentially innocent side chicks at the stake? 

It's worth noting, too, that this particular brand of misogyny is largely perpetrated by women, which only makes it that much more upsetting. Maybe there are a handful of exceptions, but for the most part, it's not men who are threatening and insulting Rachel Roy on social media -- it's women. What gives? It's like the Adam and Eve myth getting played out in modern times over and over again: Blame the woman! Even if you are a woman! Because if we started holding men accountable for their actions, OMG!! The world as we know it just might come crashing to a halt.

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The sad part -- or one of the sad parts -- is that all this attention on the theoretical particulars of Jay Z's (alleged!) extramarital activity is taking away from Beyonce's considerable artistic accomplishment. The message women take away from Lemonade should be one of empowerment, but the way many women are reacting is the opposite of empowering. There's no excuse for cutting down another woman, especially one you don't even know, for an offense you're not even sure she committed -- especially when she didn't commit that offense by herself. All that energy wasted on hating Roy could be put to much better use celebrating Beyonce. 

I'm not saying that we should be slamming Jay Z, either, because again -- we don't know him, and we don't know what he did. What I'm saying is simple: We need to stop blaming women for the infidelity of men, no matter who those men and women might be. 


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