The Kardashian Family May Be on the Brink of Financial Ruin

They're having trouble keeping up with themselves. Apparently the stars of Keeping Up With the Kardashians are on the brink of financial ruin, and their extravagant overspending is the main culprit (along with their penchant for broke-as-heck boyfriends).


According to Radar Online, an insider says the family -- who earns millions a year -- has been outspending itself at a crazy rate. The source noted that Kim Kardashian alone "blows over $300K a month on shopping ... and that's just not sustainable."

"The family needs a miracle to save them from hemorrhaging their dwindling cash," the source revealed. Or, you know, maybe Kim could stop spending over a quarter million dollars on shopping every month. Just a thought.

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Apparently, the lack of cash flow has come from declining ratings for their show, about $200 million in various lawsuits, and boyfriends who are helping to bleed them dry. 

While we understand why Kourtney reportedly continues to keep Scott Disick financially afloat (they do have three kids together), it's a mystery as to why Kylie Jenner may be paying Tyga's rent. Maybe she learned it from her mama? There's another rumor that Kris Jenner is "keeping Corey Gamble around with an allowance," as the Hollywood Gossip puts it.

Hmmm. It's hard to say why two beautiful, successful women would feel the need to do this ... we're hoping they're just rumors. Don't sell yourselves short, ladies!

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To add to the Kardashian-Jenner financial woes is Kanye West, who has admitted to being $53 million in debt. According to the source, "They all got pretty complacent about money when Kanye came on the scene, but turns out he's worse with money than they are."

Sounds like it's time for a budget. Maybe limit the number of private planes they take each month? It would be a start, at least.


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