15 Times Prince William Showed Off His Sense of Humor

Amy Goldman | May 3, 2016 Celebrities

Prince William Kate Middleton
James Whatling/Splash News

So many people think the royal family doesn't have a sense of humor, but when it comes to Prince William, the opposite is true. While William probably won't be hitting up an open mic anytime soon, he has an obvious penchant for laughter. Whether he's spending time with Kate or interacting with the public at an event, there's plenty of photographic evidence documenting William's refreshingly silly antics.

Much like his brother Harry, Prince William loves to laugh. He's got a lovely smile, but when he's bursting out laughing or giving a goofy grin, the prince is irresistible. And we gotta love a guy who finds so much joy in everyday life and interactions with not only his wife and family but with all the people he meets around the world. 

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Prince William is a very busy man, but he always seems to find time for a little laughter wherever he goes. We've put together some photos our favorite royal jester mid-guffaw and maybe even landing a few good punchlines. Check out 15 times Prince William showed off his pearly whites and his smashing sense of humor.

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