Beyonce's 'Lemonade' Is a Bittersweet Ode to Imperfect Love

Beyonce & Jayz, Lemonade

Until recently, there wasn’t much that we knew about Beyonce and Jay Z's relationship. Even most of the bits and pieces of information they've dished out over the past year or so are held to speculation -- so perhaps we should regard Lemonade with a bit of creative license. However, this is the rawest I've yet to see one of Hollywood’s favorite power couples, and so I have to believe that there’s definitely some truth to Beyonce's artistic venture. The hour-long video goes beyond our getting the tea -- it’s a bittersweet story of love in all dynamics (from her marriage to her relationship with her dad). It’s Lemonade.


So while there's a chance that Bey and Jay have been living in marital bliss forever, and that this was just a well-thought-out marketing gimmick -- I don't think that's the case. And I'm grateful for Beyonce's putting herself out there like that. Mostly because in doing so she's humanized herself in a way we never imagined -- and, in her doing so, we learned that Bey is not, in fact, invincible when it comes to being "foolish" or "crazy in love."

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More than just serving the Beyhive, she's a woman -- more specifically, a woman who appears to be in love. Being in the spotlight doesn't change the highs and lows that come with her relationships

Safe to say, I didn't lose one bit of respect for her staying with a man who may have cheated on her. I embrace her for doing so and living in her truth; I embrace her for being human, for being a woman, and, by her own admission, for being blinded by love. Because when it comes to loving another individual, as a woman, I've learned that you can never be certain what you would do until you're walking in those shoes. And because of that, it should never be our place to criticize or judge one another when the heart at times overrides the mind.

But oftentimes society sets out to make these women feel stupid and insecure in their decision to make their relationship work -- instead of appreciating them and all that they stand for. So needless to say, Beyonce speaking up and admitting that she too has felt insecure in her love, despite her best efforts to keep her man happy -- that was monumental for women. Especially those who count on her relationship with Jay for inspo; for those who assumed everything was everything with the two.

The thing is, sh*t happens, and the concept of love is far from perfect, let alone the act and product of it. But, there has to be someone who believes that love can conquer all -- someone who still believes in the value of their vows -- otherwise, love would be lost. 

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And, while Beyonce certainly can’t tell any one person how to battle the struggles that sometimes come with love, I think she has eased the pressures of not feeling like we're as perfect as Beyonce -- by showing us that her so-called perfection doesn’t give her immunity from matters of the heart.

In just an hour, she made every woman -- black, white, and otherwise -- feel that she wasn't alone in her relationship issues. That she doesn't have to live in shame. And that is amazing.


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