Jim Bob Duggar Mocks His 16-Year-Old Son for Never Having Kissed a Girl

Well this was ... odd. The Duggars celebrated Jason Duggar's 16th birthday in their typical fashion, with a special video message wishing him well. But the weird thing about this one is that Jim Bob Duggar seems to be mocking the teen -- for following the family's strict courtship rules.


Jinger Duggar joined her parents to wish her little brother a happy birthday, looking not at all uncomfortable. "Happy birthday, Jason," they declared, before Jim Bob remarked, "I can't believe you're 16 and never been kissed." God bless Jinger, who possibly gave the biggest eye-roll of her life, while her dad just chuckled at his super funny joke.

By most standards, it's a cheesy dad joke, although we could debate all day the appropriateness of any parent discussing their teenager's romantic life with the world.

What makes this clip a bit disturbing is that the Duggars' super strict courtship rules don't even allow for hand-holding until a couple is engaged to be married. Boys and girls are never allowed to be alone together, dates are heavily chaperoned, and side-hugs only, lest a young man turn into a sexual beast by front-hugging a person with breasts.

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It seems odd that Jim Bob would go there, especially considering the trouble that his firstborn son has gotten into over the past year. In case you missed it, Josh Duggar was caught in the Ashley Madison hack last August, and then spent six months in rehab for sex addiction after confessing that he had been unfaithful to his wife Anna.

Agree with the strict rules for romance or not, it seems pretty hypocritical to control your teenager so tightly that he never even has a chance to kiss a girl, and then make fun of him for it.  


Image via Duggar Family/YouTube

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