Kourtney Kardashian Accused of Photoshopping Her Perky Butt

kourtney kardashianButt wait! The Kardashians certainly aren't strangers to Photoshop accusations, but typically it's Kim at the center of any controversies. This week, the last Kardashian you'd expect to be accused of editing her social media pics is under fire for altering a butt pic: Kourtney. It's been reported that Kourtney photoshopped a butt pic she posted to Instagram recently. Whaaaat?! Et tu, Kourtney?


Celebrity photographer Alan Barry spoke to Radar Online and said that Kourtney's "embarrassing" photo couldn't be more obviously tampered with. The pic in question is a recent hot tub shot Kourtney posted, showing off her butt while her family was hanging out in Iceland. Here's the shot:


A photo posted by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

Despite the fact that Kourt's fans were praising the mom of three for staying "real," Barry thinks otherwise. "Her right thigh has been badly blurred," he said. "When you blow the image up, you can see the noise in the blue pool. When you blur an area you kill the noise, and that is ridiculously obvious under her left butt cheek and her whole right thigh."

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Barry also says that he thinks Kourtney slimmed her waist down in the pic and edited her face to have no under eye circles, as well. Wow, this guy really analyzed this pic!

Kourtney obviously isn't ever going to come out and say she edited her photo, but would it really be that shocking if she -- or any woman -- messed around with a pic of her butt to make it look better than it already does (even though not sure that's possible for Kourtney)? This photog seems so outraged at Kourtney's pic. And come on, people, Kourtney is in insanely good shape. Her body can't possibly look that different in the pic from how it does in real life. She's stunning. 

Whatever Kourtney did in this pic -- edited it, didn't edit it -- she looks incredible. Though if Kourt did digitally enhance it at all, that's the secret she needs to share with all her fans. Her workout routine is great and all, but come on Kourt -- what app is that?


Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

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