Prince George Met President Obama & It Was the Cutest Thing

The cute! We can't stand the cute! Prince George met President Obama, and Republicans and Democrats are finally in agreement about at least one thing -- this is all kinds of adorable.


The official Twitter account for Kensington Palace tweeted the photos of the meeting, which happened when Will and Kate invited Barack and Michelle over for dinner. You know, just like normal people.

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It was way past George's bedtime, but his royal parents let him stay up just a little bit later to say thank you for his rocking horse, which was gifted to him by the leader of the free world upon his birth.

Take a look at this cuteness!

And here is the Duchess of Cambridge doting on her tot, while his dad discusses very important things (or perhaps the weather?) with the prez. Meanwhile, Harry and Michelle Obama were probably discussing fitness initiatives. 

It looks like a great time was had by all, and we're sure that Georgie was thrilled to get to stay up a little bit later, even if he didn't really understand the significance of it.


Image via Splash News

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