Jill Duggar's Qualifications to Bring Babies into the World Are Called into Question

Wife, mother, missionary, midwife. All things that Jill (Duggar) Dillard may list on her resume, yet she might not be qualified to be one of them. A mother of a child born with special needs is speaking out about the midwife who trained Jill Duggar, and it's not good news.


According to mom Tiffany Nance, if Jill received her training exclusively from Arkansas midwife Venessa Giron, she shouldn't be practicing herself. Jill assisted Venessa during the 2014 birth of her daughter Jozzie, which ended with Tiffany being raced the the ER.

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Nance told In Touch that she insisted that Venessa and Jill call 911 at least three times during her 14-hour labor, to no avail. "I was crying out and screaming in pain," she confessed of her brutal labor. She also suffered from Group B Strep, which requires antibiotics at the time of birth, but she says that she was only offered holistic remedies.

When Jozzie was finally born after an ambulance ride to the hospital (interestingly driven by Jill's brother John-David Duggar, who was an EMT at the time), she spent 54 days there under medical supervision. She was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

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"Every doctor calls her a miracle," Tiffany confessed. "My daughter could have died."

As for Venessa, she said that that's not exactly how the story went down. She claims that she did call 911, and that Tiffany refused antibiotics.

It's hard to know what exactly happened here, but Tiffany believes that Jill doesn't deserve her midwifery certification. "If Venessa's the only person she's trained under, I don't think she’s qualified," she shared.


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