Prince George Hasn't Yet Been Told That He's Royalty

prince george william kateWhile the royals certainly are royal, they don't act like they have servants and real tiaras and the very real chance of being king or queen someday. And that's exactly how Kate Middleton and Prince William are raising George. The little prince has no idea he's royal.


Prince William said that he and the princess haven't told their son that he could be king or that his family is royal. So the 2-year-old may suspect that everyone's grandmother has crowds gathered outside her castle to celebrate her birthday. "We are a normal family," Will told the BBC. "I love my children the same way any father does, so we are very normal in that sense."

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Oh, Will. I can't help but feel he felt he needed to justify himself. He and Kate really seem like incredible parents, and quite normal in the grand scheme of things. Prince George even goes to a regular school with local kids. Normal? Well, not exactly, but as "normal" as you can get, and they are also super humble.

Besides, a 2-year-old won't even know what it means to be king. He's just 2, almost 3, but still just a tot. Once he's 5, he may start to really understand the perks of being royal. Until then, he probably just sees Grandma's house as a giant play-space to run around in.

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And even though Will is humble and keeping his family as "normal" as possible, he did say that he would be happy to take on more royal duties if need be. I'm guessing that means he'd be happy to be king. We would be happy with that, too.


Image via Mary Turner/NMA-Pool/Splash News

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