Twitter User Face-Swaps Prince George & Queen Elizabeth & the Result Is Kinda Creepy

prince george and queen elizabeth get scary faceswapWith all the coverage of this adorable 2-year-old, you'd think it's nearly impossible to make him look anything but precious, right? Well, think again. One evil genius has switched the faces of Prince George and his 90-year-old great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth in their recently released portrait -- and the results are hilarious and horrifying.


Brace yourself! You're about to see how these monarchs get the ultimate makeover at the hands of Twitter user @jennywhojenny. Are you sitting down? You probably should be.

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If you think George's new look bears a striking resemblance to a certain actor, you're not alone.

He does look an awful lot like the man who's appeared in everything from Fargo to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. But he also resembles someone else. Look again!

Wow, we could do this all day! Good thing the royals seem to have a sense of humor. This also really softens the queen's look, doesn't it?

As long as no one puts Prince Charles's face on Princess Charlotte, we're cool with it!


Image via Splash News

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