Ariana Grande's Mom Is Ariana Grande's Biggest Fan & This Video Proves It

If there's only one reason moms were put on this planet, it's to tell us as constantly as possible that we, their children, are the very greatest thing to happen to this sad world and that everything we do is always the best ever. Ariana Grande's mom got this very important memo, and we know this because Ariana's latest Instagram video shows her freaking the hell out over Ariana's latest album. (As any good mom would.)


Here, your proof:

Incredible, right? We honestly might be bigger fans of Ariana Grande's mom at this point than we are of Ariana Grande. Like, we should not be surprised that someone as high-energy (and high-decibel) as Ariana would come out of this woman, but we so, so are. And it's amazing.

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We were a little bit worried about her vomiting from excitement and driving with no hands, but then we got distracted by this direct quote: "No, Ariana!!! I'm not kidding!!!! That's the best song I've ever heard!!!!!!!!"

This, obviously, would be overstated if it came from anybody else's mouth. But from a mom, it's exactly what you need to hear. In a perfect world, everyone would have a mom who's as much of a #1 fan as Ariana's mom is. That's just what they're supposed to be, ya know?

Anyway, we have to admit: We hadn't thought twice about Ariana Grande's new album. But now? Now we're kind of excited. Thanks, Ariana's mom.


Image via Robert O'neil/Splash News

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