Sweet Video Shows Prince George Acting Just Like Grandpa Prince Charles (VIDEO)

prince charles queen elizabethA super sweet video was released featuring the queen when she was a young mom and Prince Charles was just a toddler. It's part of the BBC special Elizabeth at 90: A Family Tribute and shows Princes William and Harry noting how much their dad is like Will's son, Prince George.


Prepare yourself, for this is just so cute to see Prince Charles as a wee one. Plus, it's always a treat to hear Prince William and Prince Harry talk. And because it is the queen's birthday, we have to take full note of her as a young mom -- so beautiful and elegant ... just like she is today.

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The brothers noticed how their dad and Prince George have that same walk -- a sure-footed toddler stomp, it seems. Will says that there is a purpose to that walk and he's right. A royal purpose. Little Charles is walking around the garden at Windsor Castle, the same spot where Harry and William would play around when they were little, too.

Harry notes that it has been a long while since he and his older brother chased each other around those gardens. He mentioned "the early days when Gan-Gan was around," referring to his great-grandmother, the Queen Mother, who passed on in 2002. She was 101, making it seem that Her Majesty, at 90, has quite a bit more living to do.

The Royal Mail celebrates #Queenat90 with a specially commissioned Stamp Sheet, featuring four generations of the Royal Family.

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There is so much more footage and commentary set to air tonight on the BBC, including many never-before-seen moments captured on the queen and Prince Philip's video camera. We hope to see more, and we love looking at the generations of royalty. We really cannot get over how much little Prince Charles resembles his grandson, Prince George -- as a kid, though. Can't really see that resemblance now.


Image via BBC


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