Yet Another Woman Accuses Josh Duggar of Sexual Abuse

We're not sure at what point we're going to start hearing good news about Josh Duggar again, but today is not that day. Yet another victim is coming forward saying Josh sexual abused her years ago, and apparently, she hasn't had a very easy time handling the trauma he dealt her.


The woman, who's in her late 20s now, is remaining unnamed, but a source told In Touch that she lived in Arkansas not too far from where the Duggars live, and she knew the family.

Jim Bob and Michelle allegedly confronted the woman's parents and asked whether or not she was going to sue. They said she wasn't after money -- just, apparently, peace of mind. According to the source, the woman had a tough time after Josh's abuse (which, like, yeah) and she rebelled and left home as soon as she could. 

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And then all this sex scandal stuff came out last year, and that turned her into an "emotional wreck." Apparently.

This woman still hasn't spoken up publicly, but we really want to hear from her -- to color in more details about Josh, yes, but also because we want to make sure she's okay. That's no easy thing to go through, especially when the perp is such a big celebrity and the family is so ... Duggar-y.

Hopefully, we'll learn more soon. For now, just ... stay away from Josh Duggar, okay?


Image via annaduggar/Instagram

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