Rob Kardashian Calls Blac Chyna His 'Wife' -- Wait, What? (PHOTO)

rob kardashian

Rob Kardashian is a real enigma lately. First, he goes and gets engaged to Blac Chyna after dating for only four months. And now Rob refers to Chyna as his wife in a strange new Instagram photo. Did these two crazy kids go and elope on us?! Certainly wouldn't be shocking!


Rob has been on a role lately with his Instagram photos, but this latest one really has people scratching their heads. He shared an up-close shot of Blac Chyna looking beautiful and all dolled up, along with the caption, "My beautiful wife." Check it:

My beautiful wife

A photo posted by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

Very pretty. Understandably, though, many of Rob's followers want to know if the pair already got married. After all, Rob certainly could have added "-to-be" to the post and he would have gotten the same message across. 

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Despite the fact that Rob and Chyna seem pretty impetuous when it comes love, it would be kind of surprising if the couple was hitched already. After all, we've heard from numerous sources that Blac Chyna wants a big wedding. Also, it was reported that they're going to get married toward the end of the summer, which doesn't seem that far off. Heck, Rob and Chyna's guest list has even been partially leaked! Again, though, nothing is surprising with these two. 

If Rob and Chyna did in fact get married, congrats. And if they didn't, you've gotta watch your language, Rob. You could give your mom and sisters a heart attack. And you wouldn't want that ... right?


Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News 

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