18 Times Prince William & Kate Middleton Stole a Moment Together

Amy Goldman | Apr 26, 2016 Celebrities
Image: Splash News

Kate Middleton Prince William
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When a couple has as many staged photo shoots as Kate Middleton and Prince William do, it's refreshing to see them share a candid moment together. On the rare occasion when they aren't aware that a photograph is being taken, we get the chance to witness Kate and Will's charming dynamic as a couple. Sure, we love seeing official photos of the duke and duchess, but there's nothing better than seeing a truly organic moment between the two of them. 

Between admiring glances and whispered conversations, this is one couple that shares plenty of adorable, unplanned moments. Being in the spotlight whenever they leave their house (well, palace), it can be difficult for a couple to maintain intimacy and closeness with their partner -- but not for Will and Kate

These two bear being in the public eye 24/7 with so much grace and class, and it's amazing to see their relationship flourish underneath so much scrutiny. 

Unlike most couples, there will always be a camera to catch these private moments between Kate and William -- one of the downfalls of being royals. We've rounded up some of our favorite unposed photographs of the royal couple. Here are some of William and Kate's most candid moments together.

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