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12 Moments to Remember From Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday Celebration

Celebrities Michele Zipp Apr 21, 2016

queen elizabeth 90th birthdayIt's a beautiful day to turn 90 years young -- so says the queen, we're sure. The day is here when Her Majesty turns 90, and it's quite a party outside Windsor Castle. People have lined the street with gifts, and the queen hasn't stopped smiling.

It's so sweet to see the kids, adults, and even dogs there to cheer on Her Royal Highness (we know the queen quite fancies pups, especially corgis). What a beautiful day to celebrate the queen at 90. Check out some of the best photos of the day so far. The happiness you'll see is contagious.

Image via Jeff Moore/Splash News

Image via the_british_monarchy/Instagram

1The Duke of Edinburgh is glowing with happiness for his queen.

Image via Jeff Moore/Splash News

11People are really in the spirit of celebrating.


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