Rob Kardashian's Photo of Blac Chyna's Butt Takes TMI to New Levels

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That's one way to show your love! In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Rob Kardashian showed the world Blac Chyna's butt, up close and personal–style. While Rob has been incredibly vocal on social media about his affinity for his fiancée's famous booty, this photo is a tad aggressive. It's shot from between her legs. Some things ought to be left for the private album, Rob.  


Rob took a screenshot of a FaceTime session the couple were having, where Chyna apparently put her phone on the floor so Rob could get a glimpse of her backside. And then, wanting to share Chyna's assets with the world, he posted the pic to Instagram for millions of people to see. Way to class it up, Rob. 


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Being that the Kardashian girls aren't exactly fans of Rob and Chyna's relationship to begin with, it's doubtful that any of them will be "liking" this pic. Not only is it TMI, but they're the ones who are famous for their booties. Kim most likely doesn't want to share her throne. 

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Rob and Chyna have had a whirlwind romance, but no doubt the couple is still head over heels for each other. Rob, who was completely silent on social media only a few months ago, posts photos of Chyna a few times each week. And, yes, this definitely was his raciest one to date. 

While Rob is certainly enamoured with his fiancée's looks (how could he not be?), let's all hope that there's more to their relationship than what's on the surface. Getting engaged after only four months is a big deal that has potential to go horribly wrong. Here's to hoping that, underneath that booty, there's a whole lotta love. 

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