Bleach-Blonde Coachella Queen Taylor Swift Has Reached Peak Coachella

We're two days out from weekend one of Coachella 2016, and if you think you can smell the slowly rotting flower crowns from where you stand, you're probably not wrong. This year, HRH Taylor Swift graced the annual music festival with her newly bleached hair and her 74 million Instagram followers -- and, seeing this, we can only come to one conclusion: Taylor Swift has reached peak Coachella.


Coachella has a way of pushing people to their most extreme selves -- both in terms of style and capacity for social media updates. This past weekend, Taylor excelled in both: Not only did she Instagram an average of three times a day, but she debuted a new, shaggy blonde bob, which she dubbed "bleachella" (and that, for the record, is not a term we will ever utter again).

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This is what it looks like:


A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Paired with a sunny filter, a pool, and cool and hip bomber supporting her boyfriend's new single, Taylor's massive and mighty hair change is more Coachella than Coachella itself.

But we barely had time to adjust to the Coachella-ness of this first photo before she hit us with a second (keeping us on our toes! Very Coachella). In this one, she dons a choker, surrounds herself with a slew of cool and trendy friends who are all also wearing chokers, and names two trends -- one that is now officially cool and one that is now officially not. This one-two-three strike is very cool, very hard to argue with, and very Coachella.

I feel like maybe chokers are the new flower crowns?

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

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But this was all just a warm-up for our official introduction to the pure, peak Coachella Taylor in one last Instagram post -- this one posted roughly 24 hours after Coachella weekend #1 ended, making it within the range of #tbt, but also within the range of #Coachella itself. Very vague, Taylor. Very #Coachella.


So at last, here emerges Taylor Swift, entering into a Coachella crowd that could never be as Coachella as she is, looking as if the Coachella goddesses themselves might just lift her off our earthly plane and into their deserty dream world forever. And with a departure like that, we'll say so long, Coachella Taylor Swift. We'll see you next year (or maybe next weekend).


Image via taylorswift/Instagram

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