Kim Kardashian's Secret for Rocking Skintight Clothes Sounds Kinda Painful

kim kardashian

The secret's out! She may be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but that doesn't mean Kim Kardashian is going to keep all of her beauty tricks to herself. On her app recently, Kim revealed that she wears two pairs of Spanx a lot of the time to really suck things in, so to speak, and make her feel "more secure." Ya learn something new every day, huh?! Question for you, Kim, though: How do you breathe?


Kim said that in order to keep things looking smooth in her famously skintight ensembles, she usually doubles up on the shapewear. "Sometimes I wear two pairs of body shapers on top of each other — especially when I am heavier, I def double it up," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star revealed. She also said that if she's wearing both long and short shapewear, she always puts the longer one on first. For those of you taking notes, though, Kim usually tries to wear ones that are the same length so there isn't a seem showing. 

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We've all seen Kim in the buff, so there's no question that she's got an insanely hot body, but it's nice to know that her flawless physique sometimes is thanks to a couple pairs of Spanx. Makes her seem a little more human. Though, let's be honest here, this can't be very comfortable. 

Whether it's tips for looking trim 'n' slim in body-con dresses or tricks on how to perfectly contour our nose and cheeks, you've gotta love Kim for always letting us in on her beauty secrets. She's an open book in every aspect of her life, and there's something about that that's pretty damn respectable. 


Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

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