Kate Middleton & Prince William's Lack of PDA Makes Perfect Sense

kate middleton and prince william don't hold handsEver wonder why these lovebirds are rarely spotted fawning all over each other? Even while on their exotic trips abroad, Kate Middleton and Prince William still keep a little space between them, leading some to wonder why the happy couple isn't more lovey-dovey.


Well, it turns out, while it looks like they're having plenty of fun trying their hand at cricket and visiting the stunning Taj Mahal, the royals are actually on official business.

Though there are no rules that restrict the proud parents of Prince George and Princess Charlotte from packing on the PDA, they're representing the British monarchy and, as such, are keeping things professional.

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We can't blame them. It was rumored that Kate was already in trouble with Queen Elizabeth when she had those fly-away skirt episodes; we're sure she'd hear about it if she were making out with her man while she's supposed to be dazzling dignitaries.

Still, even without hugging or holding hands, the future king and queen of England look pretty happy together to us.

Plus, we've seen them embrace while watching other sporting events when they're not appearing in an official capacity.

As much as we're sure their devoted fans would love to catch a glimpse of the royals putting their love on display, it seems only fitting that they're respectful of their positions.



Image via Splash News

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