Kim Kardashian's Helicopter Makes an Emergency Landing in Iceland (VIDEOS)

kim kardashianTalk about scary! Kanye West along with Kourtney and Kim Kardashian were forced to make an emergency landing in Iceland on Monday after their helicopter began making a rattling noise. The crew, who's there celebrating Kourtney Kardashian's 37th birthday, landed on a nearby golf course and, thankfully, quickly discovered the problem ... and of course, every moment was documented for social media. 


Apparently, a seat belt was hanging out, making a rattling noise, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing. Everyone is safe and sound and the girls never seemed to get too rattled during the ordeal. At least on Snapchat. 

Here's Kim explaining what happened:

Here's Kim and Kourtney during the emergency landing. Pretty chill, no?

Annnnd just for good measure, here's Kim and Kanye giving each other a smooch in the frozen tundra. Awww. 

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The gang, which also included Kim's BFF Jonathan Cheban, was able to make it to the waterfall that it had initially set out for. And from the looks of things, it was totally worth the trouble. Look at how pretty it is:

Gorgeous. But, man, talk about terrifying. So glad everyone is okay, and it's damn impressive that both girls managed to stay cool as a cucumber when everything was happening. Most people would be clinging to their seats for dear life. 

Here's to safe travels, girls! And here's to making sure every moment of your life -- even the horrifying ones -- are on the Internet for everyone to see!

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Image via SPW/Splash News 

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