This Gorgeous Model Can Totally Pass for Angelina Jolie's Identical Twin

angelina jolie lookalikeIf a lady's gotta have a celeb doppelgänger, Angelina Jolie isn't a bad way to go -- especially if the lady in question makes a living off her looks! That's what Mara Teigen (no known relation to Chrissy) is discovering: The stunning face of such brands as Milani Cosmetics and Frankie's Bikinis is getting a lot of notice for her almost eerie resemblance to Mrs. Brad Pitt, and a quick glance at the two women side by side proves why!


You might have seen 21-year-old Mara, who is reportedly dating NHL player Evander Kane, in Kylie Jenner's lip gloss commercial -- but even if you haven't seen that particular ad, you still probably feel like you've seen Mara's face before, because, well, look:

What is your favorite thing that I post? Selfies, outfits, makeup etc.. I'm curious ð�¤ï¿½

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WOW. From the bone structure to the lips to the eyes, there are more similarities to Angie than differences going on here! But if you think that's something, she looks almost more like Angelina with her hair up:

Last night was �

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Especially, especially in this one:

Can't sleep

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CRAZY!!! Of course, Mara doesn't always look exactly like Angelina -- sometimes, in fact, I think she looks a little bit like Kylie (maybe something rubbed off during that lip kit commercial shoot?). Like in this pic:


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Plus, those nails are way more Kylie than Angie. To me, Mara Teigen is kind of what Angelina Jolie would look like if she shared the Kardashians' stylist. Which, again, ain't such a bad thing for someone who gets paid to look good!

Indeed, it seems like Mara is pretty happy about her celeb look-alike -- considering she posted a pic of Angie to Instagram on Angie's birthday with the caption, "Happy birthday miss perfect." Hmm, is that narcissistic? Whatever, they're both gorgeous!


Images via Mara Teigen/Instagram; AdMedia/Splash News

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